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Doctor of Philosophy

Ph.D. - Doctor of Philosophy

The programs leading to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy comply with the regulations
of   the  Graduate  School   concerning  admission,  residence  requirements,  qualifying
examinations and dissertation.

For students having an M.S., at least 30 credits is required beyond the M.S. degree, with
18  credits  being  courses  (6 of these must be at the 600 level)  and 12 credits  must be
Doctoral Dissertation (CAE 730/740).

For  students  admitted  to  the  Ph.D. program  without an  M.S., at  least  60  credits  is
required  beyond  the B.S. degree, with 42 credits being courses (12 of these must be at
the 600 level) and 18 credits must be Doctoral Dissertation (CAE 730/740).

All  candidates  for  the  doctorate  are  expected  to  complete an appropriate integrated
program  of study. A student's  program  of  study will  be  supervised  by a four-member
supervisory  committee, of which  one  member from the CAE Department serves as the
student's  primary  advisor, one  other from within  the CAE  Department,  and one  from
outside the  CAE Department. At  the  completion  of  the first year of graduate work, the
student must pass the written portion of the comprehensive  Qualifying  Examination, for
admission to candidacy for  the  Ph.D. degree. Two  (with M.S.) or  three  years (without
previous  M.S.)  beyond   the  Qualifying   Examination   is   usually   necessary   for  the
completion of an acceptable dissertation, whereupon  the student is then admitted to the
Final Oral Examination.

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